Michael Tucker

Success Story

After experiencing a stroke in 2022, 51-year-old Michael Tucker was admitted to Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Ohio for rehabilitation. While there, Michael was challenged by his doctors, nurses, aides, and therapists.

“The staff at RHNO is the reason I’m doing so well today,” Michael says. “They told me I did all the therapy work, but I owe everything about my recovery to them. I told them that I could be the most enthusiastic patient/student ever, but if I didn’t have good teachers, I wouldn’t have learned anything.”

Michael’s successful recovery includes walking on his own and going back to work this past summer. He continues trying new activities and moving toward his goals. He has returned to his passions like playing guitar and saxophone, which exercise his hands and face to help with the healing process.

“Music is both mental and physical in so many ways, which is so rewarding after my illness,” he says. “Thank you RHNO; I’ll never forget what wonderful teachers you are!”