Anthony Mershon

Success Story

After suffering a traumatic spinal cord injury, Anthony Mershon received 21 days of therapy at Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Ohio.

Anthony worked hard every day, making significant gains in his recovery. He felt that the quality care received at the hospital pushed him toward success.

“Zach in physical therapy was a ‘don’t-give-up kind of person,’” Anthony says. “He was stern sometimes, but nice. He saw something in me every day that made me work harder in my therapy.”

Even on days when Anthony wasn’t sure he could do it, the therapy team made him feel otherwise. “The therapists saw potential in me that I didn’t see,” he says. “They did everything to help me, plus more. They’re all great people, including Amanda, Megan, and Tom. They really worked with me.”

Anthony says he felt supported by many of the staff, including his case manager, Lucas, who he says “got things done.”

Marissa, Anthony’s wife, also agrees that Anthony’s quick success was because of the quality of care and the staff’s persistence. She notes that Anthony liked the food as well, which “was always a plus!”

Overall, the Mershon’s say that Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Ohio is a great place for rehabilitative care, and they would recommend it to anyone!